Tool Kit

Tool Kit

You’re So Legit, You’ve Got a Tool Kit.

Here’s what’s inside. 

Pruning Shears: This sturdy pair of floral scissors will cut through the thickest stems without causing damage. They’re sharp, so use with care (and take off the plastic nub we’ve shipped them in before use). 

Rose Stripper: As everyone who’s ever been in a karaoke bar knows, every rose has its thorn. Get rid of the little pricks that plague your thicker stems by placing the indented top of your rose stripper on either side, a few inches from the bud. Pull it straight down to remove thorns and foliage without sacrificing your fingers. 

Floral Tape: You’ll use this handy tape for the more challenging arrangements you make. It will keep your stems in place while you work, and keep them looking well positioned throughout the lifecycle of your blooms. Quick tip: place the tape prior to filling the vase with water. 

Twine: This rustic decorative element is actually quite useful, too. If you’re gifting your arrangement, simply tie it into a bouquet with your twine. Hand-tied bouquets are also a great way to switch up the look of smaller arrangements in their vases.