11 Cute Vase Display Ideas For Your Next Flower Arrangement

11 Cute Vase Display Ideas For Your Next Flower Arrangement

Floral arrangements can be strikingly gorgeous on their own, but when paired with a cute, complementary vase, you have the perfect opportunity to add another level of aesthetic vibes to your creation. So before you resort to displaying your painstakingly crafted DIY floral arrangement in a generic, clear vase - let us give you some pointers on unique, adorable ways to display your blooms. Creativity is, after all, a core value at Petalled, why else would we build a business model around creating your own gorgeous, DIY floral arrangement? We believe your beautiful floral arrangement deserves to be showcased in the best way possible, so read on for our top 10 favorite ways to display our fresh flowers!

A Short Note on Clear vs. Opaque Vases

opaque vases

While we don’t harbor any hard feelings against clear vases, we like to shy away from using them for the same reason we shy away from wearing skin tight leather pants - because they tend to be less forgiving about showing imperfections. It’s completely normal to make a few mistakes when you’re making your first DIY floral arrangement, but it’s much easier to love your end result, and look past any small imperfections, when they’re not staring you in the face!

For this reason we encourage new and budding florists to shy away from clear vases in favor of opaque or translucent vases.They’re simply more forgiving visually and allow the focus to remain on the blooms. This is why our signature Petalled vases come primarily in an opaque white. We find white to be elegant, versatile, and completely complementary to our DIY floral arrangements- whether the bouquet is monochrome or colorful. 

Our Top 10 Cute Vase Ideas

#1 Mason Jar

mason jar

Mason jars exude rustic charm and are a super affordable, versatile, and practical way of displaying flower bouquets. They come in a variety of sizes and colorways, and if you’re feeling EXTRA crafty, a quick pinterest search will reveal hundreds of DIY decorating ideas for customizing them. If you’re looking to put together a personalized but budget friendly display for a baby shower, wedding, or any other theme party- mason jars are the perfect solution. 

#2 Pitcher 


Ok, so bear with us. When we are referring to pitcher vase, we don’t mean a generic clear pitcher, like your auntie used to serve lemonade out of. We mean those cool creamy white antique pitchers of back-in-the-day. Or those sexy curvaceous pitchers like the Romans used to pour wine out of at festivals. Once you start going down the rabbit hole of vintage and antique pitchers, you will find a whole new world of unique and eye-catching flower displaying possibilities opening up to you. 

#3 Stone Vase

stone vase

This has been a great year for textures in the home decor world, and we have seen an array of innovative new approaches to vases hit the market. Variations of stone vases such as marble, concrete, and terra cotta vases have become much more in fashion for good reason. The neutral tones and textures bring us down to earth, making us feel closer to nature in our homes, and go well with all types of flowers!

#4 Metal Vase

metal vase

Metal vases are a perfect way to add a little bit of a luxury component to your DIY flower arrangements. Hammered copper and gold-colored brass vases add a high end but accessible vibe to room decor, while galvanized steel vases lend a little bit of a country charm to your floral arrangements.

#5 Crystal Vase

crystal vase

Crystal vases are great fun to look for in thrift and antique stores, and they really add a level of class and sophistication to a floral display. If you’re lucky enough to find a colored crystal vase, you can create a contemporary and striking floral display by incorporating a dramatic, high contrast color scheme like pink flowers with a green vase.

#6 Wood Vase

wood vase

Wood vases are so simple yet beautiful, and once again emphasize the aspect of bringing nature into your home. These vases come in many different shapes and sizes and are especially complementary to floral arrangements that use a lot of complementary greenery like eucalyptus. Wood vases also make for a great DIY option.

#7 Pail


Pail vases aren’t limited to being bucket shaped. Milk pails actually used to come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are now available in enameled colorways and different types of metals. Regardless of which type of pail you use to display your floral arrangements, you can be sure to add a farmhouse chic feel to your home. 

#8 Geometric Shapes

Geometric Vase

Geometric vases are one of those trending things we love to see. Square, cylindrical, spherical- literally you can find a vase of any shape these days. When paired with a unique material choice, like wood or stone, these vases become a fresh and modern way to display flower arrangements. 

#9 Bud Vase

Bud vase

While these types of vases are not ideal for displaying large floral arrangements, they look oh so cute when used to display a petite arrangement or single bud. Usually they come in smaller, more bulbous forms- and will work well as a simple, streamlined way of showing off your flowers. 

#10 Clay Pot

Clay pot for flower arrangement

Although clay pots are not traditionally used for fresh flower arrangements, they still are a fantastic way to give an arrangement that fresh from the garden feel.

#11 3D Printed

3D Printed Vase

While we certainly don’t want to encourage anything that might take the focus away from your lovely DIY floral arrangement, we just couldn’t leave these off the list. 3D printed vases have come a long way and are extremely cool for their sculptural qualities and textures. This is one way to elevate your flower bouquet display to an artistic level. Plus, if you happen to have a 3D printer, you could print one yourself! 


If all these vase options leave you overwhelmed- don’t worry! Try a petalled vase today; we chose a simple style that goes well with everything. Order separately or easily combine with your order. Our DIY floral arrangement kits come with everything you need to make your first flower arrangements, and are picked fresh on demand when you order- to allow us to provide you with sustainably grown, farm fresh flowers. 

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