Ask Us Anything! (Keep it clean, tho.)
What is *estimated* delivery date?
This is the day our bright yellow box with your flowers should arrive on your doorstep; however, because we can't control shipping delays from our carriers we recommend you order a day ahead for any special event, holiday, birthday, etc. Better a day early than a day late, are we right? But, don't worry, if a delay does happen we've ensured that your flowers will last a few days in their pretty little box.
Why can I only choose Tuesday - Friday delivery dates?
We use overnight shipping and unfortunately can't do overnight on the weekends. Your flowers should arrive Tuesday - Friday (unless there is an unforeseen delivery delay, but don't worry, we've prepped your flowers so they should be able to last in transit for a few days).
Why can't I order an arrangement after a certain date?
All of our arrangements use in-season flowers and greenery. We work closely with the farm to ensure you only get the freshest so once they tell us their crop is running out we close off ordering. But, don't worry, this also means a new collection will be dropping soon!
What shipping methods does Petalled use?
We ship Fedex overnight to ensure your flowers arrive as fresh as possible--and because you might be as impatient as we are.
Ugh. Shipping is expensive tho. What gives?
Want to hear something wild? We actually cover up to 50% of the shipping--and it’s still that expensive! So we get it. The reality is that the faster the flowers get to you, the fresher they will be. The weight of those lush stems, plus the packing materials, really adds up. We’re a new business looking for easy, even more sustainable ways to ship, and we promise that we are actively discovering for ways to reduce these costs. Until then, know that the cost of shipping will be worth it once you’re able to create your amazing arrangement.
Does Petalled ship nationwide?
Yes, we ship to the 48 contiguous states (that means East Coast, West Coast, and everything in between). We’ve got big plans for Hawaii and Alaska, too, in the coming months.
Does Petalled offer DIY arrangements for large parties and events?
Yes! We love a party. Are we invited? Either way, our arrangements are perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, corporate events, and birthday parties. Having a get-together? Connect with us at and we will hook you up.
Can I create my own custom arrangement?
Right now, we’re working with some seriously brilliant flower designers to create these amazing arrangements. We’ll be adding more options each season as more flowers bloom, so keep checking back on our selection. And, feel free to put your own unique spin on your creation!
Do you do custom orders?
Do we EVER. Want to tell us what you’re thinking? Email us at
What if I want to use my own vase instead of purchasing one on your site? Will I still get detailed step-by-step instructions?
Yes, of course! Our instructions work with any vase. We do this by having you measure your stems in a very special way. It’s all in the instructions.
What’s in the box?
Um, EVERYTHING. Well, everything you need for an amazing arrangement: Your stems and greenery, labels for your vase, a ruler (we’ll show you what that is for) and step-by-step instructions to get arranging. Need extra tools like shears and twine? Check out our additional tool kit.
Need to cancel or modify your order, or have questions? We have answers.
Call 1-800-905-6065 or email us at and tell us what’s happening with your order. Include your name, order number, too. Problem with your flowers? Snap a pic and send it along. Please note: Once an order has been fulfilled by our growers it cannot be canceled.
Are you on social?
Yes! Follow us and share your arrangement using #GetPetalled, and tag us @getpetalled.