The Sweetest DIY Flower Arrangement Box

Petalled: The Sweetest DIY Flower Arrangement Box

There’s something about flowers that is unequivocally attractive to humans. Whether we like a certain color, a certain scent, or the person who is gifting them to us- flowers are something we’ve come to deeply appreciate.  

But why are we so enamored with flowers? The short answer is that flowers are extremely potent at evoking an emotional reaction in us. If you’ve ever encountered a person planning a wedding, you might have gained some insight into how important choosing the right type of flower or color scheme is for setting the mood that day. Flowers are deep drivers of emotion, and this really begins with their beauty.  

Most importantly, looking at a beautiful flower arrangement makes us feel happy. Have you ever looked at an arrangement and thought, wow, I would love to make something like that? Receiving flowers is nice, but you know what’s even more gratifying? Feeling the joy and satisfaction of making your own flower arrangement! Getting to look at this gorgeous masterpiece of flowers and shapes and saying “Wow, I made that!”. That’s where Petalled comes in.

Elevate Your Home and DIY Skills With Petalled

Here at Petalled, we understand that there is something extremely special about making your own arrangement, especially when it’s intended to be a gift for someone else. We pride ourselves on being more than just another online flower shop- our DIY flower arrangement kits bring the fun of creating your own flower arrangement directly to your doorstep. We offer single kits as well as subscription boxes for customers who value having farm-fresh, beautiful flower bouquets in their space. Our kits include everything you need to make a gorgeous arrangement, taking into consideration every little detail, from how long to cut the stem, to what goes in the vase first. At Petalled, we want to make the process a fun, wonderful experience for experts and beginners alike, by providing step-by-step instructions and everything necessary to create a lovely floral arrangement. 

We Care About Sustainability

As a company, Petalled is keen on making sure our products are not only beautiful but also sustainable. All of our flowers are carefully sourced from local US farmers, who provide us with the best of what’s in season. We harvest, pack, and ship the flowers for your arrangement all on the very same day! This ensures that you get the freshest product directly to your doorstep in a matter of days. Also, all of our orders are packaged and sent with love in recycled, eco-friendly packaging. Zero waste, zero guilt, all love and flowers!


DIY Flower

Plan Your Next Group Event with Petalled Flower Arrangement Kits

If you’re reading this and thinking flower arranging sounds like a fun activity for a baby shower, bachelorette, or ladies night- then you’re absolutely right! Our DIY flower arrangement kits come in 3 different size options (petite, grande, mezza) and also group options. Need any additional supplies like pruning shears, twine, or even a fancy vase to display your finished bouquet? We provide all these as affordable add ons- so you can simply relax, have fun with the process, and smell the roses.

Are you ready to elevate your DIY experience?

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