6 Easy Spring Flower Arrangement Ideas to Cure the Winter Blues

Spring flower arrangement ideas

When the weather is cold, rainy (or snowy) outside, we don’t really want to do much of anything. But after a while the lack of sunshine and dopamine depletion kicks in, and we start feeling a little… blue.

What’s the best cure for winter blues? We have a few ideas. One of them involves flowers, something that helps us dream about warmer spring days ahead. Better yet, the fun, relaxing task of making a DIY flower arrangement can give us a little mental boost by enticing our brains with lovely colors, shapes, and scents.

But if you’ve never made a bouquet before, and need some inspiration, make yourself a hot cup of tea and read on for our favorite floral arrangement ideas for spring.

Bright and Cheery Colors

Gray rainy days call for a dose of color to brighten the mood. You can easily breathe some life into a drab room with a bright and colorful bouquet. Which colors? As many of them as you can incorporate! Yellow flowers are especially abundant in Spring and work as a lovely counter to days that might feel a little blue. 

Flower Bouquet

Spring Signifiers

Some flowers love to make a special appearance in Spring as the first signs of the turning seasons. Take daffodils, for example, which pop their yellow little heads up as soon as the light starts shifting to longer days. These cheerful flowers are associated with hope and new beginnings and keep extremely well in vases as a spring bouquet.

Another flower that is seen as a first sign of spring is the Crocus flower, which is usually found in shades of purple. Crocus is said to be associated with new love and beginnings, as well as intuitive dreams. If you are looking forward to spring, make yourself a bouquet with these symbols of spring, and you will see them bloom as the season comes in. 

Soft and Feminine Shades

Spring has been associated with fertility for ages. Hence the symbolism of the egg we see everywhere around this time of year. Sadly it’s not just about chocolate.  If you feel the urge to soak up spring’s feminine vibes and embrace the divine goddess within you, take advantage of the abundance of flowers in light pinks and purples that crop up this time of year. These make for an alluring, soft and feminine palette for bouquets, and relay a feeling of warmth, nurturing, and comfort as we get ready to emerge from our winter cocoons.

fresh flower arrangement

Multicolor Tulips

Tulips are fascinating, come in an insane variety of color and pattern combinations, and are so easy to make DIY flower arrangements with. At one point Tulips single handedly held up the Dutch economy, and rare varieties used to fetch thousands of dollars. Thankfully these little gems are much more affordable today. If you want to pretend that you’re on vacation in Europe, instead of working in your PJ’s from home, a flower arrangement made with tulips looks super cute when displayed in a milk can vase.

Multicolor Tulips

Light and Airy

It’s interesting that the color white is treated as boring, when white light actually contains an entire rainbow of colors. White is a calming color, and bouquets that utilize all white flowers emit an airy and ethereal vibe. On a snowy winter night, when everything slows down and gets very quiet, there is something so peaceful about that, don’t you think? If you’re still recovering from post holiday blues, your winter cure might actually be to slow down and get some rest, make some hot cocoa, and a serene, calming activity like making your own flower bouquet. Stick with flowers in light and pale shades of color, and you’ll embody that zen vibe.

Flowers in light and pale shades

Eucalyptus Dreams

There’s something about the smell of Eucalyptus that transports us to warm, balmy summer days. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, or maybe even a bit congested, the lovely scents of a bouquet filled with sprigs of eucalyptus will perk you right up. Eucalyptus is usually used as filler in floral arrangements, but if you’re craving a bit of green because the trees outside your house are still barren, eucalyptus is a lovely fix. There are up to 15 different types of Eucalyptus trees such as Southern Blue Gum, Cider Gum, Silver Dollar Gum, and Blue-Leaved Mallee that can make a lovely bouquet on their own. Something you might see a lot in coastal wedding displays is eucalyptus dotted with small white flecks of baby breath, it makes for a very boho and beachy vibes. And the best thing is, when you’re done making your DIY flower arrangement, you can hang any extra eucalyptus in your shower to simulate a luxurious spa treatment.


Whether you’re an aspiring floral designer, or flower connoisseur, Petalled has the perfect thing for you. Our DIY flower arrangements come with everything you need to make your own gorgeous flower bouquet. You will love the process, and the result- and if you want a lovely rotation of fresh, unique bouquets every month, we also offer a subscription. Get started today with one of our lovely arrangements.

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