Picture this: You encounter a breathtaking flower arrangement sitting with stunning grace atop a table. Inspired, you think to yourself, “I could make that!” Spoiler alert: You can’t. Yet! That’s where we come in. When your Petalled box lands on your doorstep, you’ll open it to find a magic garden of gorgeous blooms next to step-by-step instructions that will help you—yes you—create your own incredible bouquet. Get out your Petalled vase and get started: Soon, you’ll have an amazing display featuring pops of colors and bursting sprays, all put together by the world’s newest floral artist: you. Pretty. Brilliant. Your friends will say “I didn’t know you could do that!” And you’ll casually say, “Oh yeah, I can.” Because you just did.



About Katie, Petalled Founder + CEO

We know what you’re thinking—she’s got to be some kind of floral genius, right? Right—and wrong. A few years ago, Katie Dos Santos was a lot like you: Taken by the stunning floral arrangements she so often encountered but absolutely mystified as to how she could ever create one herself.

A marketing professional in New York City, Katie often marveled at the artistically crafted centerpieces she’d order for the events she planned. Still, it was never more than a passing appreciation and a resignation to buy bouquets, not make them.

And then, in 2018, she got sick.

Her latest battle with Chronic Lyme Disease wasn’t the first time Katie had been extremely ill: She was just 18 when complications from mono kicked off 15 years of doctor’s visits, failed treatments, and frustration. Katie explored every option, hoping one day things would change, and she made progress.

Feeling sick again frustrated Katie, but she was determined to feel better. She put her career on hold and moved to be with her family for support and comfort.

As she prioritized her health and worked to get better, Katie realized that bits of beauty felt essential to her wellness. The idea for Petalled was more like an awakening that happened, literally, in her bed as she worked to recover. Struggling to feel positive when she was so relentlessly ill, Katie concentrated on a beautiful bouquet on her nightstand. That bit of cheer was so important in those dark moments. And then, a burst of light: Katie realized that if she just had the tools, she’d be able to create something lovely that she could appreciate in her own space—and be proud of. We all could.

And so, she assembled her A-Team: Floral artists who didn’t just craft stunning displays, but could also explain how they did it. Farmers and growers focused on sustainability, caring for the beauty of the earth that they shared with the world. Suppliers, shippers, creators: Those who could best bring this beauty into your home and empower you to craft gorgeous, Instagram-worthy floral displays, no filter required.

So, is she a genius? Yeah. But so are you. Come on, smarty—let’s make something stemsational.


Katie, Petalled Founder + CEO