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4 Reasons Why Petalled’s Locally Sourced Blooms Are Better

There are few things more delightful than picking out a fresh bouquet of flowers. Greeted by a colorful wall of shapes and scents, it’s an easy decision to find joy in- should I buy my favorite roses today, or opt for fresh summer sunflowers? In the process, one question that gets asked much less frequently is- where did these flowers come from? At Petalled, we want to make the answer to that question very simple.

At Petalled, our sole mission is to bring gorgeous DIY flower arrangement kits directly to your doorstep. As a business dedicated to sustainability and transparency, we think the answer to the question, “Where did these flowers come from?”- is quite important. Our DIY Flower Arrangement kits utilize farm-fresh flowers that are sourced and shipped from only the best local farmers. Curious as to why this is such a big deal? Read on to find out. 

  1. Sourcing Locally Reduces Waste

How many times have you passed by a wilting bouquet of flowers in a store? Sadly, we know these less-than-perfect bouquets will most likely be passed over by consumers, and inevitably thrown away. This practice of waste carries into so many industries- and with every bouquet that ends up being doomed, so are the thousands of gallons of water, energy, and resources that went into producing that product. 

At Petalled- we strive to fight the issue of waste by utilizing an on-demand model when it comes to picking and shipping flowers. When you place an order, your bouquet will be picked, packed, and shipped within the same day, all to provide you with the best quality, farm fresh flowers for your arrangements. 

  1. Blooms Shipped Locally Require Less Energy

Did you know that the majority of flowers sold in the US come from Columbia? That’s almost 600 miles away! Shipping flowers over large distances uses a lot of fuel- both for refrigeration to keep the flowers cool, and also for transportation- which ultimately contributes to CO2 emissions. By sourcing and shipping locally, we reduce the amount of energy being used to transport flowers over such long distances, balancing the ecological footprint of the floral industry. One more reason to choose Petalled for your flower arrangements!  

  1. Eliminates Danger of Exploitative Practices

The US has some of the strongest child labor laws in the world, and because we know our partner farms are committed to sustainability, both for the environment and wellbeing of their employees, you can feel confident knowing that our locally sourced flowers aren’t hiding any dark secrets. Unfortunately, the exploitative side of the floral industry is often overlooked in developing countries with less restrictions on labor laws. By choosing US based farms to work with, we also ensure that workers receive a fair wage, opposed to overseas farms where workers are sometimes paid as little as $250 a month!

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  1. Supports Local Economy, Industry, & Growing Practices

We are slowly starting to recognize the value of buying from local farmers and businesses alike to keep our supply chains short and ensure our resources stay within our communities. Sourcing flowers locally helps reverse the trend of outsourcing and ensures US farmers are able to continue supporting their livelihood with their land. This also encourages more sustainable growing practices as farmers try to find better ways to use their local resources. It’s a win-win situation!

To wrap it up- you can rest easy knowing that at Petalled, we care about providing you the best, freshest products in sustainable ways. Our DIY Flower Arrangement kits come with everything you need to learn flower arranging- including farm fresh flowers, step-by-step instructions, and even measuring tape! We also provide subscription boxes so you always have a steady supply of fresh blooms delivered to your home or office.

Try a beautiful arrangement from a local US farmer today!

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