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Flower Arrangement

Even in the corporate world, gifting is a great way to build rapport with employees, coworkers, and clients. I mean, who doesn’t love getting a good gift? But sometimes, the usual routes of gifting that involve baskets stuffed full of random snacks feel a bit generic. That’s where Petalled comes in, to offer you a unique corporate gifting solution.

If you’re looking for something a little different, something that is sure to impress and stand out as a gift, we’ve got just the thing for you. At Petalled, we’ve imagined a different type of gift- the experience of creating your own gorgeous flower bouquet. Our DIY Flower arrangement kits come with everything a person needs to create their very own gorgeous floral design- farm-fresh flowers, measuring tape, instructions, and more! If you’re curious how one of our DIY flower arrangement kits can be used for your corporate gifting initiatives this year, keep reading.

Show Employees and Coworkers You Appreciate them 

Surprise a coworker with everything you need for a Petite Petalled arrangement

Do you have a coworker that goes above and beyond to help you every day? Or maybe you have an employee who recently helped you close a lucrative new deal? When we are surrounded by people who help us accomplish our goals, and generally make our lives easier, it’s important to stop and take a moment to acknowledge and share our appreciation. This is best accomplished by giving a gift. 

If you’re worried about going overboard, start small. Our Petite DIY flower arrangements are simpler to make, but still look absolutely stunning when they’re finished. For a coworker with a bit of a creative flair it’s the perfect project because of how gratifying it is to create your own floral arrangement. The results are something they can proudly display on their desk or at home- unlike snacks- which usually get stuffed away to hide in a drawer.

Corporate gifting, whether it’s for an employee or coworkers, helps us build stronger relationships that make our work days go more smoothly as a whole. When we are mindful about saying thank you for the help, people remain motivated to continue being helpful. 

Gifting for Special Events and Holidays

The worst thing about an office job can sometimes be the monotony of doing the same thing every day. Holidays and special events come as a godsend to infuse some fun into our regular routine. 

But obviously we can’t plan a holiday party for every single holiday or event that comes up. Regardless, special events and holidays are a great opportunity for team-building activities that connect people in a team and raise morale. 

Creating your own floral arrangement is a perfect activity for that. In our DIY flower arrangement kits, we provide everything you need to make your bouquet along with easy to follow instructions that are perfect for beginners and experienced floral designers alike. It’s a relaxing and low stakes way to spend some time chatting with your coworkers, and everyone gets to take a lovely bouquet home. Need a group discount? We offer those too, reach out to us to get the details!

If your company is more about competition than team building, our Petalled subscriptions would also make an excellent prize for a game or raffle. 

Gifting for Clients

Petalled floral arrangement kits look great in your client’s office or at home

We can’t forget the lifeblood of our businesses- our clients. In the world of corporate gifting, it is perfectly acceptable to send your favorite clients special gifts as a symbolic thank your or gesture of friendship and appreciation.This reaffirms your relationships and partnerships. If you know you have clients who love DIY crafts, design, or anything creative, they will love receiving one of our floral arrangement kits. 

With Petalled, your corporate gifts will take on a special meaning beyond the regular same old same old. With our DIY flower arrangements, you will be gifting an experience & opportunity for creative expression. That is sure to leave a favorable impession on your gift receivers. 

We work only with local US based farmers to deliver you the most farm-fresh flowers. If you want to learn more about how Petalled works- don’t hesitate to give our FAQ aread. And you can rest assured- if there’s every a problem with any of our boxes, simply snap a pic and shoot us a message and we will get your sorted out. We thrive on delivering the best products and experience possible and want you to have a good time- our love of floral design is what drove us to create this business, after all. 

So what are you waiting for? Give our DIY Flower Arrangements a go, and elevate your corporate gifting experience today. 

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