Spring Floral Design Made Convenient

Spring Floral Design Made Convenient

Blooming springtime buds are such a wonderful reminder of what we love about flowers: the colors, scents, and textures are irresistible to want to capture. But unless you’re fortunate enough to work at a flower boutique, the opportunities to make your own colorful flower arrangement are probably few and far between. Petalled is here to change that- with easy to make DIY flower bouquets delivered straight to your door. Read on to learn how we’re changing the game to make floral design easy and convenient. 

Bring Spring to Your Door, Sustainably

Petalled makes the flower arrangement-making process convenient for budding floral designers by bringing everything you need to make your first bouquet right to your door. Unlike typical flowers found in most stores, our farm fresh flowers are sourced from local California farms and picked only when your order is placed. We also take great care to use eco-friendly packaging to ensure our products are sustainable and not harmful to the environment. 

When you receive your package, you will be provided with flowers, a toolkit, ruler, vase, and, most importantly, step-by-step instructions to create your first floral design. Even if you’re rearing to go, however, we highly urge you to stop a moment and smell the roses. In her words, Petalled’s founder, Katie Dos Santos, was inspired to create the DIY flower arrangement kits to allow “consumers to perform a meditative task and escape reality for 30 minutes to an hour and then be proud of their accomplishment as they put their creation on display”. Learning how to make flower arrangements is meant to be a fun and relaxing process. So make the most of it by taking your time, so you can enjoy the journey and be proud of the results. 

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Spruce Up Your Workplace

If you need something to liven up the workplace, why not get some fresh spring blooms delivered to your office? Petalled’s DIY flower arrangements are the perfect solution for workplace events that need a little decor. Consider creating a quarterly team-building event for spring where employees create their own creative flower arrangements. Or celebrate an employee’s birthday with a flower bouquet gift box. If you’re looking to get a group rate, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

Petalled’s convenient floral design kit is also a great corporate gifting solution. If you have clients, partners, or employees who deserve a reward- we offer flower delivery straight to their office. To find out more about why Petalled makes the perfect corporate gifting solution, check out our article here. And if you want to spruce up your own office on a perpetual basis, don’t forget to check out our recurring subscription boxes!

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Even though we hope we’ve given you some good excuses to try your hand at making your own flower arrangement, you don’t really need one! Spring is about ushering in a new season and appreciating nature’s gifts- that’s what makes it the perfect time of year to make flower bouquets galore. We’re just here to help make the process easy, convenient, and fun. Who knows, you might discover your new favorite zen activity.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our fresh floral designs right in time for Spring, and give your first Petalled DIY flower arrangement a go today!

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